VPC Mentioned In WGBH Piece

When we ran our exhibit of Vietnam photos recently, WGBH came by during our reception and also, later, interviewed two of the photographers, Jim Cryan and Dave Tela, who exhibited prints. Here’s a screen capture of from the WGBH Facebook page…

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March In With Richard Harper

One of the walls in our gallery displaying Richard’s prints and digital images.

Richard Harper will be displaying images in both print and digital form at our gallery for March. Here are some quotes from his bio…

Photography is a skill that I originally developed 50 years ago while serving in the United States Navy. After serving in the Navy, however I took a different path, left the field of photography and pursued a career in chemistry.   Upon earning my degrees in Chemistry, Biochemistry and eventually an MBA I spent the next 50 years in the OTC pharmaceutical industry in product development, biochemical research and operations management. When I retired in October 0f 2017, I made a decision to renew my interest in photography.  A lot has changed in 50 years and I had to basically start from the beginning. It was somewhat overwhelming at first, but little by little, with the aid of so many technological advances and assistance from my friends of the Springfield Photographic Society I am becoming more comfortable being able to express myself through the world of photography.

Richard Harper
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February Show: Vietnam, Then and Now

Phil Mardoc, from Enfield CT, will be exhibiting a digital-only series of image from his trips to Viet Nam. The show is called Faces and Colors of Vietnam – 2019.

In addition to Phil’s digital content, VPC will also have prints and digital images from Dave Tela, and Jim Cryan. You can learn more about these photographers at our main website under Meet The Artists.

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Ambrin Marine Photography

Our November Show

From the Ambrin Marine Photography website…

“Butch Griffin has spent his life on Narragansett Bay for both work and pleasure, making a living shellfishing year round, among other things. He first became interested in photography many years ago, while overseas and since has been using it to show this beautiful area. These days he spends his time sailing the Bay and along the Southern New England coast, while occasionally traveling up and down the east coast crewing on boat deliveries. All of this is reflected in his images on and around the Bay.”

Our New Digs

Thanks to our B.O.D. (Board of Doers – John and his son, Russel, Diane, and Casey), we managed to get the last of our stuff out of our old VPC location and into our new one over the past two days. All that’s left is some fixing up, setting up, and putting up some wonderful photographs. (Click here to see a gallery of images from the last two days.)

What our new space looks like after moving our stuff.

Why Did We Need To Do This?

Back last November, we were told by Tower Square Management that the new owners needed some of our space for the new YMCA center that was taking the space next door (where the Christmas Tree Shows have been held each year). At first, they said we needed our storage space. So we cleared that out – remember the big junk sale we had? …well, that was why. Then, recently, they said that the YMCA wanted more even more space, so we planned for that. Then, last week, they said the YMCA wanted all of our space.

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