Google Is Giving Away NIK Software

NIK software, when it was first introduced years ago, was expensive but worth the cost because of the power of the effects and the ease with which it integrated with software like Photoshop and Lightroom. Google purchased NIK a few years ago has recently made the entire suite of effects available for free.

Click here to learn more and get the NIK Collection from the Google site.

If you think you need Photoshop or Lightroom to run these filters, you don’t. These filters can run independently on either a Windows PC or a Mac, or can be called from some imaging programs (like FastStone Image Viewer for Windows PC’s).

Silver Effects Pro 2 Example-800w

This is an example of NIK Silver Efex Pro 2 running as a standalone Windows program.

There are many great programs that do similar things with images. Some are inexpensive, others are not. Up until now, one could say you get what you pay for, but Google has changed the equation on this. One has to wonder what they are up to…but, for now, this is a great deal.

Scott Kelby Will Teach You How To Use NIK Filters

Scott Kelby has an online course and goes over how to use NIK Filters. Learn more about it here. There are many videos that will show you how NIK Filters work, Kelby’s course, according to the one-minute intro, is to delve into details and teach you how to use them.


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One Response to Google Is Giving Away NIK Software

  1. rcdanek says:

    Here’s an interesting read – a counterpoint, if you will, as to why getting NIK software for free may not be a good thing.


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