If You Like Photoshop, You’ll Like Jimmy McIntyre

Not everyone uses Photoshop. But, for those who do, here’s a really good resource. His name is Jimmy McIntyre. He has a series of interesting and useful tutorials on advanced techniques. He also describes an add-on that he sells called Raya-Pro. The good news is that the tutorials only mention it briefly and most of the lesson shows you how to do really cool stuff manually, step-by-step using Photoshop only.

For example, here’s a tutorial about blending exposures with luminosity…

If you watch it, you’ll appreciate Jimmy’s straightforward style.

There are plenty of other videos on his Youtube channel. You can subscribe and learn about any new videos he posts. Take time to look at these.

Now, what if you don’t use Photoshop? You can probably apply the concepts in his videos to whatever tools you do use. If not, you might consider if moving up to Photoshop is worthwhile. Either way, it’s nice to know that images can be improved using these techniques.

You can purchase Raya-Pro Panel here.


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