Raining…Err…Snowing Cats And Dogs

Getting ready for the new exhibit at the Center, D. John McCarthy (Director) and Casey Danek (volunteer) were busy cleaning up, dusting off, and preparing photos for hanging. First steps, getting all the photos ready to go. Next, lining them up and hanging, printing labels, and making sure we’ll be ready for the Meet The Artists event on Thursday, the 7th, at 5 PM.


Some of D. John McCarthy’s photos, lined up and ready for hanging.

Even though it’s Spring, today’s weather made someone quip, “Why, it really is raining cats and dogs…snowing, I mean, snowing!” (Or something like that.) Of course, It’s Raining Cats And Dogs is the name of our exhibit.


Our April show will benefit the Friends of TJO Animals, the not for profit that helps the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Shelter in Springfield. It will feature photographs of our furry friends and pets. Don’t miss this show.


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2 Responses to Raining…Err…Snowing Cats And Dogs

  1. rcdanek says:

    We held our Meet The Artists reception last night. What was especially interesting was all the pets that people brought along, many whose portraits were in the exhibit. You can check out some of the photos here:



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