Too Much Camera?

Here’s a nice article about what I will call, “too much camera”. In summary, it offers the idea that photographers could miss out on the experience of something by virtue of the craft and technology they use to observe and record it. It’s worth a read.

I remember 1999, and the last sunset of the century. We lived in Spencer, MA and the hills were all topped with trees, so there were few sunset vantage points. However, in the next town over, there was Dresser Hill Farm. I knew the view well, having gone there to photograph many times. We arrived on a not-too-cold day and there were no other people to obstruct our view. I set up my camera an tripod and prepared for the shot. My mind raced between focus, exposure, composition. My wife stood next to me enjoying the moment. I captured, on slide film, the last moments of the sun as it dipped below the horizon. When I got the slides back, I had, I realized, just photos of a sunset. There was nothing memorable, to me, about them. I would have much more preferred just enjoying the experience completely. So, in reading the article I mentioned earlier, I could really identify with its concepts.

I think sometimes it’s better to just be there. Nothing else.

Now I have to wait until 2099 for the opportunity to arise again.

Give it a read…

Is the Narcissism of Photography Ruining Art?


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