Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Brimfield Anymore

PosterOnTableAt our Meet The Artists reception for It’s Raining Cats And Dogs, we had the pleasure of meeting Toto. He’s a cat. But what a cat…

Toto The Tornado Kitten

JonathanHallAndTotoJonathan Hall, an EMS from Brimfield, MA, brought Toto to our reception. He told us the story. When the tornado of 2010 came through Western Mass, it hit Brimfield and caused major damage. A day or two later, works were clearing branches and one of them found a tiny, three week old kitten in its branches. The worker brought the kitten to the Brimfield Fire Department and they arranged to have it cared for by the Animal Rescue League in Boston.

A while later, Jonathan’s wife, Amy, went back to the Rescue League and arranged to adopt it. As Jonathan tells it, Toto is not really his family’s cat. He is Brimfield’s cat.

GropuPhoto6Toto lives with the Halls, but many times neighbors will  come by and ask, “Can we have Toto for a couple days?” When that happens, Toto goes for a visit. Toto will often go to visit the bank in town and spend the day there greeting customers. Or, he will go for visits to schools and elderly care centers bringing comfort.

On one occasion, Johnathan said a postal worker stopped by and asked if it would be OK to borrow Toto for the day so that they, together, could do mail deliveries in Brimfield. Of course, he said “yes”. After all, Toto is Brimfield’s cat.

Toto is a friendly cat. No doubt.

TotoBooksJonathan has written two children’s books about Toto. They are available through his website as well as Amazon.

There’s also a song about Toto, The Ballad Of Toto The Kitten by Jeff Snow, available through Amazon and Google Play and possibly other sources.

TotoAndMagazineThe exhibit and reception sponsored by Father and Sons and were promoting support for The Foundation For TJO Animals, which also sponsored the exhibit.

Despite being the only cat to visit during our reception, Toto didn’t seem intimidated by any of the dogs who also were guests. Jonathan brought Toto using a leash. (Anyone who has had cats knows that, in itself, is pretty amazing.) Toto likes to be held upside-down. Strange? Not for Jonathan and Toto. They posed this way throughout the evening for many photos.

This foundation supports training and animal care for Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee.

Thanks to all who made this event possible!



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