The Many Faces Of VPC

juggle If you do an Internet search for “Valley Photo Center”, you’ll find a few, different entries. Someone who is curious and/or new to the area, trying to get more information about our gallery, could be confused.

The good news, so far, is that each of the entities on the Internet all seem to have the right stuff in them. On the other hand, it’s not clear if they are, each, aware of the other…they don’t always point to one another.

What I Found When I Did My First Searches

The thing about the Internet, almost anyone can create something called Valley Photo Center using an Internet resource of one kind or another. As long as the name is available, it’s easy. This is a good thing, too. It means that a Google search can always find us. The bad thing is that it could be confusing.

Different Sides, Same Coin

When this blog, itself, got created, it was done so as an experiment…to see if all of the features and functions from our main site could be replicated. Our Director, John McCarthy was skeptical at first, but liked what he saw.

Why do this at all?

Well, early on, the name was a dead link. We couldn’t figure out why. John, in fact, found this to be the case a while ago and acquired (note the additional “the”). Then, he pointed that to the Yola site to make everything work correctly. It wasn’t until recently that we found who controlled the original name. Now, we have both going to the same place.

And that means that this blog could probably be made to go away. But, the longer it lived, the more interesting we were able to make it. The last step might be to link the main site here. (Something John needs to do when he has free time…we’ve both been busy this week with cats and dogs.)

What about the other sites?

Well, Facebook is a good idea and it can take on a life of its own. Flickr is nice, too, and folks can post to it. Of course, we may be able to post to the Meetup site or some other site we set up (Google Photos anyone?). The Meetup site is kind of special. It serves the purpose of pulling in people who are part of Meetup, itself. We have a lot of members and they get notices whenever there are messages and announcements to be shared.

So, it’s all good.

Missed Opportunities

I did a hashtag search on Twitter: #valleyphotocenter. I only found one image. We can do better. I checked Instagram, too. Nothing. So, there’s work to be done.




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