Reviews With Pizzazz

There are so many places on the Internet where you can pick up useful information about cameras and technology. Many will rehash the same things: tech specs, features, limitations, likes and dislikes. It’s refreshing to find reviews that add something extra, a special sauce of fun or passion that can make the review interesting even if you don’t care so much about the product. (What could make a Canon fan want to watch a Nikon review? …well, maybe just the reviewers.)

DP Review, who produced the video shown here, have lots of tech-y stuff in their reviews. But, this video is special because of how it was produced and how much it is not so much about cameras, but of how cameras were used to capture the story of The Mississippi Blues Trail. It may not make you want to go out and buy a Pen-F camera, but it might want to make you wish you were travelling through to the same places…especially if you love music. And who knows, you may wish to get an Olympus next, as well.

Another fun group doing reviews is DigitalRev TV on Youtube. They do a good job of hitting the important stuff you need to know about cameras, but also add a lot of tongue-in-cheek entertainment…very funny.

Check out The Camera Store TV as well.

Got your own favorite review sites, those with that something extra? What’s nice, here, is that many of the reviews pay as much attention to video capabilities as stills, and both are done by folks who specialize in each. Again, entertaining and educational.

So, there it is. Three recommendations. If you have a favorite review site, let us know in the comments.



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