It’s All Good Light from Topaz Labs Blog

There’s a nice blog post on Topaz Labs website that discusses photographing on days when the light is just not good…or, if you read the article, then you’ll believe that there is no bad light.

Read the blog post here.

If you can’t get to their page, it’s summarize by them nicely here:

  • If you’re going to include an overcast sky, fill the foreground with interest.
  • Consider the Global Contrast – High or Low – this determines the initial impact.
  • Look for transitions to add interest – study the work of photographers you admire to look for this.
  • Forests and Waterfalls work really great in flat light, especially after rain.
  • Gloomy skies make for super moody images.
  • Create more Black and White images where colour is by nature absent.
  • Use ND filters to create long exposures to reduce surface clutter on bodies of water.
  • Isolate the areas of interest from the general landscape – reduce clutter at every opportunity.
  • In fog or mist, head for the woods or a lake.

Yes, these all make sense. But, really, check out their page because it includes some terrific photos to make each point.


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