Connections/Disconnections Exhibit

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Poor Farm Swamp Kubiak high res.jpg.opt860x1286o0,0s860x1286Five veteran digital photographers will showcase their diverse work in Connections & Disconnections, May 16 through June 17, at the Valley Photo Center, on the Mezzanine Level of Tower Square, 1500 Main Street, Springfield. 
Participating are Jim Gambaro, Bruce Kahn, Bernie Kubiak, Bill Rowley and Tom Wyatt. An opening reception will be held Thursday, May 19, 6-8 p.m.  Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

A resident of Belchertown, Gambaro’s work has been in numerous publications and hangs in homes and offices throughout the Northeast. “Through my photographs of the natural world,” he explains, “I strive to bring an artist’s vision and a child’s eye for wonder to environs as familiar as the backyards of Western Massachusetts or as exotic as Antarctica.” 
Kahn is a fine art photographer and musician who lives in Northfield. His work consists largely of digital collages which tell a story. “I use photography the way others use paint – to create fantasy pieces, but with the twist of appearing as if I simply photographed an existing scene,” he says.
Kubiak is an Amherst-based photographer who works with natural light using both digital and film cameras.  With subjects ranging from landscape to street photography, his images have been featured in many exhibits throughout the area. 
Rowley lives and photographs in Florence. While he rules out nothing as a photographic subject or approach, most of his recent work has been macro in scale and abstract in style. In this group of images Rowley shows one of his favorite techniques: shining colored light through a piece of plastic which has been subjected to a small blow torch.
Wyatt, a photographic artist from Warwick, is a Hallmark Institute of Photography graduate (1996), a founding member of the Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists and long-term member of the Warwick Arts Council. Of his work he says “I’ve always been fascinated by optical mysteries. Reflections enable multiple visual planes to exist simultaneously. The visible puzzles found in my photographs challenge what’s immediately identified and taken for granted.” 
The gallery is open free to the public. All work is for sale.

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