Hanging Around At VPC

VPC Hanging PrintsOur new show, Connections/Disconnections, was setup today at VPC. All five of the photographers who are exhibiting were present. We managed to photograph most of them during our own idle moments as we helped where we could.

The photographers are: Bernie Kubiak, Jim Garbaro, Bill Rowley, Tom Wyatt,  and Bruce Kahn.

There are many creative and beautiful images in this exhibit. Don’t miss this one.

As with most exhibit changeovers, the old prints had to be removed and, in some cases, removed from the frames which are then stored away. The framed or unframed prints are then ready to be returned to their owners. This is a white-gloves of operation; we show a lot of respect toward the artwork. Of course, the photographers hanging prints handled their own work – already framed. So, no white gloves for them.

We’re using screw and screw guns to set things up more quickly now. Before, we used common nails. The problem with nails is that the walls and nails need to be hammered. There’s a lot of shaking and, if prints are already hanging on a wall, they can fall. With screws, it’s noisy but no shaking…safer for the prints.

Here are four of the five exhibitors in actions with their works…



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