8×10 Camera – No Film – And The Olympics

Here’s an interesting article about photographer, Jay L. Clendenin, who used an 8×10 camera to photograph athletes from this year’s Olympics. Here’s the twist, he didn’t use film. As he explains it here, film is very expensive. He uses photo paper instead. 

2016-08-27 11_20_10-Photographer's Journal_ Behind the scenes with 2016 Summer Olympians - LA Times_LUCiD

Photo from the LA Times website video.

At $20 per sheet for film, he couldn’t justify photographing the athletes. He states it could take 10 or more shots for each. He uses photo paper and long exposures (he claims the ISO is about 10). Then, he goes into his darkroom, processes the paper, which now produces a B&W negative view of what he photographs. He dries the print, scans it, and reverses the negative in Photoshop. You can learn more about Clendednin on his Twitter page.

You can go directly to the LA Times video here.


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