I Love What Photoshop Does To My Brain!

“I love what Photoshop does to my brain!” …is a quote from John Paul Caponigro in a piece by Craft&Vision. Caponigro talks about his life’s work, and how he approaches creativity.

Here are some quotes and themes in the article…

“My images occupy a curious new space between painting and photography. My painting skills have shaped the kind of visual artist I’ve become.”

“Photoshop created a space where many different sensibilities could cross-pollinate one another; I was hooked! And I still am.”

“…the term “‘true’ photograph”…throws us off track instantly, as it does for so many others so frequently. It’s mostly likely that…many people think that it’s not acceptable to practice photography in a way that challenges…they’re often unwilling to acknowledge how much seemingly “straight” photography distorts and can sometimes be used to mislead. This is a terribly limiting point of view, not just for the medium, but also for so many human spirits who long for a vehicle to explore their authentic personal expression.”


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One Response to I Love What Photoshop Does To My Brain!

  1. I love playing around in Photoshop with photographs. I think if the product more as ‘art’ than ‘photography’ but they both have their place. I’m always a little disheartened with the approach that any sort of manipulation is seen as negating the original photograph. Even traditional film photographers used things like dodge and burn to enhance their photos.


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