Connections – Meet Ups

peole_laptopIf you search the Internet and talk to people in the know, you can find groups that get together and do things in person, like photo tours. Or, they’ll go to a studio and teach and learn, and try and play and work on things together. Maybe, there’s a special event that will draw in photographers like a photo exhibit or seminar.

The problem is finding out about these things…which brings you back to searching the Internet and talking to people.

Here’s what we know:

  • First of all, the Valley Photo Center has its own meet-ups. We hold them at the gallery and they are informal gatherings, sometimes with a theme. You don’t even have to be a member. You can learn about them on our website, meetup page, and social media sites.
  • Quaboag Hills Photography Club – they hold monthly meetings an walk about events. You need to check one of their two websites: their Facebook page and their members-only page (free to join). There’s also something on the Giclee Of New England page about them.
  • The Igers – Instagram lets you tag your images with hastags, and a group of western Massachusetts photographers tag theirs with #igers413 (igers if for instagram-ers and 413 for the area code in western Mass). They hold something they call “instameets”, which apparently are where these Instagram-ers gather and do face-to-face things. On Instagram, there’s also “#igersmass” and “#igersmassachusetts”. It could be fun to try to find all these connections yourself; feel free. There’s also a Facebook page for igers413, where they claim they announce their planned instameets. Bookmark it and check every not and then.
  • Other clubs – a good source of information about many camera clubs in New England is the New England Camera Club Council. Club websites are listed there. Look for the ones in the cities and towns near you and you cane make your own connections. Most clubs have monthly meetings, many running twice a month from September to June.
  • – this site lets people announce meetups which often are real face-to-face meetings. It’s free to join Meetup, but some of the groups in it will charge for the events or even membership to their specific group. There are a variety of meetup types. It’s not just about photography.
  • UMASS in Amherst – home to the NECCC Photography Conference, usually held in July. It’s a great place to go to meet lots of photographers. Attendance often ranges from 1500 to 2000.