Connections – Social Media

Social-Media-Word-Cloud-300px A lot has changed over the many years since the Internet began. We started with URL’s, HTML and Browsers – easy point-to-point connections – and ended up with things like AOL, search engines, blogs, and now advanced forms of social media. It’s become so easy to get a presence on the Internet that you can get lost in the noise of it all.

Just because something is out there doesn’t mean it is easy to find. It can be hiding in plain sight. Sure, you can try a search engine and sometimes you hit the mark. But sometimes things that are apparent to some will be a mystery to others. The Valley Photo Center once had two “groups”. One had two members and the other many more. Why two? Well, one hand didn’t know what the other was doing. We got it all straightened out, but it’s an example of what can go wrong if you’re trying to get connected.

If you’re not sure, ask. The newer social media sites, like Facebook, make it easy to ask. But, you can’t just ask on your own timeline. Only your friends will see your question. You sometimes have to search through a lot of timelines and groups. Search engines may not help as the connections between them and social media sites may not exist. Google only recently got permission to search through Facebook content…or so we’ve been told.

If you’re stuck, maybe Valley Photo Center can help. Just ask. Check out our blog (you’re kind of here, already) and use the comments or the Contact form in the menu. Or, use our Facebook page. We’ll try to help.