addon_the_photographerHow do you stay connected? It’s a busy world and people and places are interesting and changing. It can be hard to keep up. The Internet has made this both hard an easy. It’s hard, sometimes, finding connections in the first place. It’s easy create something to which to connect…but that takes you back to it being hard if someone doesn’t know about the really cool thing you just created. Confusing? Yeah.

We’re going to try to help…or, if you have a great idea, share it and help us. This page will get updated as ideas come it (use Comments). For now, here’s what we know so far.

Social Media

Our Blog is a kind of social media page. But, most of the time folks think of social media as things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Tumblr, Vine, Youtube, Flickr, and on and on.

Learn more about social media and how you can connect here.

Real, Honest To Goodness, Face-to-Face Meetups

Sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere and meet real people. You can shake hands, chat, laugh, argue, share stories, watch slideshows. Sometimes you can meet somewhere and explore and take pictures together. So, where are these meetings?

Learn more about live meetings and local gatherings here.

Facetime, Google Hangouts, and Skype

The internet, and high-speed connections, make it easy to watch videos online. If you have the right tools, you can even participate in video conference calls. Lots of live training is handled that way. But, there are slick tools that individuals or small groups can use that can make each of us a face on a screen. Apple has its Facetime. Google has Hangouts, which works in conjunction with Gmail and Google+. Microsoft has Skype, which also has group video conferencing.

Learn more about our plans for video calls here.